In 1968, the Liesch Companies began as a small groundwater consulting company committed to delivering quality service. In 2013, Liesch became part of Terracon — a national leader in consulting engineering, with more than 3,500 employees and more than 150 offices in 42 states. Liesch is proud to be a part of the Terracon family serving clients all over the country.
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Pretend for a moment that you own a building. Let’s make it a luxurious high-rise in the bustling downtown of a large city. Occupancy is high, rents are up, life is pretty good – until someone calls and tells you the building across the street is scheduled for demolition with high explosives. Still feeling calm? Don’t worry – Terracon vibration monitoring is here to help.

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In 2012, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) was the 17th busiest airport in North America with nearly 430,000 takeoffs and landings and more than 33 million travelling passengers. It serves 14 scheduled air carriers, including major hub operations for Delta Airlines, as well as other freight, charter, and corporate carriers. In addition, several United States armed forces units are located at MSP (U.S. Air Force Reserve, U.S. Marine Corps Air Reserve Training Detachment, U.S. Naval Air Reserve, and U.S. Air National Guard).

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structural light towers
Liesch has years of experience with the Federal Aviation Administration with hazardous material abatement design and abatement oversight. These projects have included: Air Traffic Control Towers,...
Liesch has been retained to complete over two dozen asbestos surveys, hazardous material abatement design, project oversight, and building decommissioning activities prior to demolition. Liesch...

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airport expertise

When serving the airport community, our first task is to listen to your needs and understand the ultimate objectives and stakeholders involved. Once we have your needs established and discussed expectation on the timeframe of project completion and site limitations we must consider, we develop the plan to achieve the needed outcome. That plan will include presentation of milestones and critical path decisions that will need to be made to allow the project to be completed on schedule, on budget, and meet your ultimate environmental needs. This collaboration between the airport staff and management and Liesch will lead to successful resolution of the issues at hand.

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